ANH_3082A4_Square_1000pxI am a creative individual who combines my passions for design and technology to create thoughtful user experiences across different devices and platforms. I value designs that are well-balanced in beauty and function, and enjoy turning great concepts into beautiful and useful products. I specialize in designing for the web, iOS, and Android, but have also worked on various other projects, including animation and printing.

After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Neurobiology, I worked in neurosurgery research and healthcare for several years, with plans to attend medical school. However, I decided to stay in the Bay Area to be close to my family and made a career change into design, a field I had always been passionate about. Despite not having a design degree or industry experience, I used my skills and informal experiences to start my career in design. As a child, I spent many hours playing with drawing software and replicating interesting visual elements, which later proved to be useful in my career. I became increasingly curious about how and why things worked the way they did. Through my use of different apps and websites, I became more aware of what worked and what didn’t. This led me to my first design role at Yahoo, which opened the door to many more opportunities.

As a self-taught designer, I often think outside the box and use alternative methods to achieve my goals. My approach is data-driven and scientific, likely influenced by my years working in a neurosurgery lab at UCSF. I am less emotionally attached to my designs and always strive to do what is best for the users while meeting business goals. I enjoy working with teams that share a similar mindset.

Despite taking on more leading roles, I remain hands-on and always strive to push pixels as much as possible. In my next role, I look forward to continuing to design end-to-end and launching awesome products and features that I am proud to be a part of.

Note: I am very hands-on throughout the product cycle and primarily provide design services. For projects that require engineering, my team of web and mobile developers will join me as I continue to oversee the entire project.


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